Three Kings Islands

About 35 miles nor-west of the head of the North Island, this group of rugged islands rise steeply from the ocean to provide a wind-swept home for a few hardy plants. According to traditional Maori belief, the main island, Ohau, is the departure point of spirits as they leave Aotearoa to return to their Pacific homeland of Hawaiki.


The surrounding oceans are extremely deep, but the waters are very clear, and teem with a large variety of fish life, attracting sport fishermen and divers to this otherwise inhospitable outpost of New Zealand. Another attraction is the wreck of the s.s.Elingamite which foundered there on November 9, 1902 with the loss of 45 lives.
The Three Kings Islands are a nature reserve, legally protected under the New Zealand Reserves Act 1977. Entry to the islands, including any landings, is strictly prohibited except under permit.



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